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Axon™ Digidata 1550A1 Data Acquisition System (Hot!)

Product Name: Axon™ Digidata 1550A1 Data Acquisition System (Hot!)
Product Type: 1550A1
Exhibitors: AXON
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Digidata 1550A1 perfect data acquisition system, low noise, high sample rate, increased analog output range, USB 2.0 interface can be easily docked with a laptop, high performance supporting Axon pCLAMP® 10.4 data acquisition software.

Axon™ Digidata 1550A1 Data Acquisition System (Hot!)  Detailed description
Axon™ Digidata 1550A1 Data Acquisition System
 · Main feature
    Perfect data acquisition system, low noise, high-speed sample acquisition rate, improved analog output range, USB 2.0 interface can be easily docked with a laptop, high-performance supporting Axon pCLAMP 10.4 data acquisition software.
Includes an analog signal input channel that removes 50/60Hz AC noise, eliminating 50/60Hz AC noise in 1 second without affecting 50/60Hz bandwidth signal acquisition.

 · High Resolution, Low Noise D/A Converter
    The Digidata® 1550A1 is a new generation of low-noise digital-to-analog/digital-to-analog converters developed by MD, USA. It features high resolution and extremely low noise, making it an ideal high-accuracy digital-to-analog/digital converter. The AxonTM Digidata 1550A1 is designed specifically for electrophysiological experiments. It takes measurements from a microelectrode amplifier and sends stimulation waveforms to the microelectrodes while controlling peripherals such as dosing systems.

 · Low noise    

    The characteristics of low noise and low digital noise are perfectly reflected in this digital-to-analog converter. Each input path is processed using a separate analog-to-digital converter, which suppresses crosstalk between the input channels. Through the selection of sophisticated core components and the application of the latest production technology, it has achieved excellent low-noise 16-bit signals.

 · Excellent Features 

    Eight independent analog output channels can simultaneously stimulate 8 cells, meeting high-throughput recording and realizing neural network research needs. All 8 input channels can simultaneously achieve up to 500kHz sampling rate. Multiple trigger modes can be implemented through hardware and software.

 · Easily set up 

    Simply complete the installation software and connect it to a desktop or laptop via USB, connect one end of the power cord to the power supply, and the other end to the rear AC power input connector, then all signal inputs and outputs can be connected This is done through the interface on the front panel.

 · High-performance software 

    The AxonTM AxoScope 10.4 software comes complete with experimental data records. The software is perfectly compatible with the Windows operating system. Axon AxoScope 10.4 software is a data acquisition program that supports continuous (uninterrupted) event monitoring and provides operating oscilloscope mode, and supports dye fluorescence PMT ratio detection. Perform offline benchmark display tests and display data in a spreadsheet format. Axon AxoScope 10.4 software records in ABF binary data format, optionally exporting data in ASCII text format.

    Patch-clamp single-channel recordings on ex vivo HEK293 cells transfected with olfactory loop nucleotide-gated channel α subunits. At 2 μM cGMP concentration, the membrane fixed voltage is +60 mV.

   Excitatory postsynaptic currents evoked on brain cortical striatal neurons cultured in brain sections. The stimulating electrode was placed in the V/VI cell layer of the cortex and the membrane fixed voltage was -70 mV.

   Neuronal action potentials recorded in dorsal root ganglions isolated from rat brain tissue. The stimulation current evoked by the action potential was 110 μA, and the membrane resting potential was -50 mV.

    Eight analog waveforms can be generated simultaneously in the Axon pCLAMP 10.4 software. (waveform preview)

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