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Axon Axopatch 200B Capacitor Feedback Patch Clamp Amplifier

Product Name: Axon Axopatch 200B Capacitor Feedback Patch Clamp Amplifier
Product Type: Axopatch 200B
Exhibitors: MD(Axon)
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Axon Axopatch 200B Capacitor Feedback Patch Clamp Amplifier The benchmark for single-channel recordings and other applications where an excellent signal-to-noise ratio is key.

Axon Axopatch 200B Capacitor Feedback Patch Clamp Amplifier  Detailed description

  • Actively cooled capacitor-feedback headstage reduces thermal noise for signal-to-noise ratios close to the theoretical limits of physics
  • Integrating headstage mode for measuring sub-picoamp currents to enable high-fidelity single-channel recordings from cell membranes and artificial bilayers
  • Resistive headstage mode for larger currents and noise levels in whole-cell recordings
  • Slim headstage design for easier access to the preparation on a crowded microscope stage
  • Series resistance compensation: Prediction helps achieve the desired command level faster by transiently supercharging the membrane potential
  • Series resistance compensation: Correction improves the bandwidth of the recording by eliminating the error introduced by the voltage drop across the series resistance
  • Dual-speed current clamp optimizes speed and stability through better matching of the clamp algorithm to experimental parameters
  • Integrated seal test in voltage- and current-clamp mode for easy monitoring of membrane and cell health parameters
  • Dual command potentials add flexibility by processing input signals from two different sources
  • Selectable holding command input with two internal range settings and an external input enable convenient control of the output waveform
  • Pipette capacitance compensation neutralizes the contribution of the glass pipette and the pipette holder to the capacitance of the circuitry
  • Cell capacitance compensation corrects for the capacitance of the cell membrane in whole-cell recordings
  • Selectable output gain with 10 settings to scale the output signal to the desired level
  • Leak subtraction for correction of leak currents without software-based algorithms
  • Sophisticated 4-pole Bessel low-pass filter acts as anti-aliasing filter and can be used to pre-condition the output signal
  • Configurable panel meter displays user-selectable parameters in real time for quick monitoring of the experiment
  • Zap facilitates patch rupturing by applying a voltage pulse for a user-defined duration
  • Two included pipette holders of different barrel lengths accept glass pipettes in most standard dimensions
  • User guide written by scientific consultants, with the assistance of Axon Instruments staff, for straightforward start-up and as an in-depth reference
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