About us

DL Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc is a California-based company, which specializes in manufacturing, distribution, and support of electrophysiological (EP), and biological research instrumentation and software in USA and China. We represent a wide range of quality products manufactured by 

many of the world’s leading companies in the life science field.  We represent 80% of the electrophysiological product sales for Molecular Devices Corp. (formerly Axon Instruments) in China.  We also represent such companies as Neuralynx, Luigs-Neumann, Sutter Instruments, Harvard Apparatus, Warner Instruments, Campden Instrumens, etc.


We have research centers in the UK and China. We also have manufacturing facilities in the UK and USA for bio-research instruments which include multi-channel recording systems, animal behavioral systems and accessories for electrophysiology recording systems.


We have training facilities based in China for electrophysiology technique training and bio-research CRO for world-wide customers in the electrophysiological field.


For more detailed information please visit our website at www.dlnaturegene.com.