About us

DL Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc is one of the largest and most professional life science companies in China, which have developed a very strong reputation as an importer of high quality and innovative instruments.

We are specializing in distribution and support of various life science instruments from all over the world. These include products of many world’s leading manufacturers such as Axon Instruments ( Molecular Devices), MDC Instruments, Sutter Instruments, Sophion Instruments, Harvard Apparatus, Panlab, Warner instruments, Neuralynx, A.M.P Instruments, Campden Instruments, and Carestream Health imaging system etc.

Our company has been successfully penetrated in to the life science market as our products are used by all the high schools and scientific research institutions in China. We also act as an exclusive agency for U.S.A AXON’s conventional patch clamp. Such patch clamp has taken almost 80% of the market share in China. Our powerful sales team is trained to customize different experimental systems based on customer requires. We firmly believe that our professional experts and service engineers are able to provide courteous and attentive pre- and after-sales services for our customers.

Our main products include electrophysiological (Automatic and manual/conventional patch clamp systems, Brain multichannel recording system), ion-imaging system , Animal behavioral, Cell biological research instrumentation and software etc. For a more convenient purchasing experience, please purchase our consumable items through our online shop on Taobao website.

 Currently, we have developed nine offices in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Changsha, Xi‘an, Shandong, Chengdu, and Hong Kong. 

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