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DLNG participated in 2016 Nature Conference on Neural Circuitry of Emotion (the 5th session)

From 28 October 2016 to 04 November 2016, annual Nature Conference on Neural Circuitry of Emotion has been convened grandly in Shenzhen. After so many years, this conference has already achieved a very strong reputation in the area of Neural Circuitry of Emotion. It has developed a prestigious platform for Nature Neuroscience investigation and exchange, attracting many domestic experts’ and organizations’ attention. DLNG has participated in every Nature Conference on Neural Circuitry of Emotion annually, in order to follow the changes and development of this area closely and consistently provide high quality services.


The Conference focused on the study and exchange of mental cognitive, Neural Circuitry of basic Emotions (such as fears), brain network , mechanism of Neurodegenerative disease, and synaptic plasticityregulate and control of neural circuit, Nerve tracing, and the manipulation of neural circuitry and animal behavior. In addition, it also promoted development of scientific corporation. This conference emphasized on the development of optogenetics, as well as the application of optogenetics in neural circuit. This development and application included symposiums, experimental demonstrations, and experimental operations.


As an exclusive agency for U.S.A Neuralynx in China, DLNG has always paid close attention to the trend of in vivo recording. The DigitalLynx SX in vivo Recording system of Neuralynx possesses excellent stability, attracting numerous researchers’ and experts’ attention. Neuralynx company was founded in 1993. It is allocated in   Montana U.S.A and has been regarded as a pioneer in the field of electrophysiology. Moreover, Neuralynx Company has also participated in NASA’s Neruolab plan. The high quality of its products also helps the company to develop a large customer base. Mr. and Mrs. Moser, the 2014 Nobel Prize winners, are Neuralynx’s loyal customers as well.