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AXON 11th Patch Clamp Training Sessions Invitation(2nd Notification)


DL Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc. Axon 11th Patch Clamp Training Class will take place at Research Institute of Chinese Medicine in Jiangsu province. This activity is jointly organized by DL Naturegene Life Sciences,Jiangsu Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, and Molecular Devices (Shanghai) Ltd.

1.  Registration

l  Training Schedule  

May 12th             13:00-17:00    Check in

May 13th-15th     09:00-17:30    Training sessions

May 16th       08:30-17:00    One day traveling tour in Nanjing (Zhongshan Tomb, Fuzi Temple)

l  Address

Unit 100, Hongshan Road, Shizi Street, Hospitals of Integrated Traditional and Western, Main Building,16th Floor, Room 1602. Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province.

2. Lecturers

l  Liu, Zhenwei, PhD, Patch Clamp specialist, doctor of Medicinal. He dedicates himself to neurophysiology and Neural pharmacology toxicology.

l  Jeffrey Tang, PhD, senior technical engineer in Molecular Devices (USA) Ltd.. He is in charge of AXON series products. 

l  Zou, Anruo, PhD in Electrophysiology. He is the founder and chairman of DL Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc..

3.  Schedule

May 13th 2015            

9:00-12:00    Patch Clamp technique summary

          Basic concepts of Patch Clamp technique (1)(Zhenwei Liu)   

12:00-13:30   Lunch

12:30-17:30   Basic concepts of Patch Clamp technique (2)(Zhenwei Liu)

            Patch Clamp recording technique(Zhenwei Liu)

 May 14th 2015      

9:00-12:00    Introduction of Clampex software (Jeffrey Tang)

12:00-13:30   Lunch

12:30-17:30   Introduction of Clamfit software (Jeffrey Tang)

 May 15th 2015   

9:00-9:45    Principle of Patch Clamp technique (Zhenwei Liu)

10:00-10:45  Electric capacity and series resistance(Jeffrey Tang)

11:00-12:00  Analysis of ion channel and single channel (Zhenwei Liu)

12:00-13:30  Lunch

13:30-14:30  Introduction of ion channel (Long Chen)

14:50-15:50  Development tendency of full-automatic Patch Clamp and ion channel screening (Anruo Zou)

16:10-17:30  Introduction of multi channel electrophysiology data recording system (Liang Yin)

4.  Fees

l  Training fee: 1,500 RMB/person, including training materials and 3 days lunch.

l  All students are required to arrange their own bed, breakfast, dinner, and transportation.

l  How to pay: as for wire transfer or remittance, please give clear indication of name and company.

1.Wire transfer by company

Name: Beijing Jinkeyi Technology Development (DL Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc.)

Bank of Deposit: Beijing Everbright Bank Deshengmen branch

Account Number: 350 101 880 000 516 43

2.Remittance by individuals

Name: Zang Guo

Bank of Deposit: Beijing Minsheng Bank Hangtianqiao branch

Account Number: 4720 6801 1100 1186

5.  How to get there and surrounding the hotels

l  Subway routes

1.Take subway line 1 from Nanjing rail station to Maigaoqiao station, take exit 4 or 5, then walk about 200m along Yanhongshan road.

2. Take subway from Nanjing Lukou International airport to Nanjing south rail station, switch to line 1, get off at Maigaoqiao station,take exit 4 or 5, then walk about 200m along Yanhongshan road.    

l  Surrounding the hotels

   1.JinJiang Inn Hotel (Maigaoqiao branch)

     Address: Unit 291, Heyan Road, Xixia District,

     Tel: 025-57033999

   2.Home Inn (Maigaoqiao branch)

     Address: Unit 291, Heyan Road, Xixia District,

     Tel: 025-68168333

   3.Pod Inn (Maigaoqiao branch)

     Address: Unit 297, Heyan Road, Xixia District,

     Tel: 025-85610919

6.   Contacts

DL Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc.(Marketing Department)

 Ms. Li: 010-62259284-206200



7.   Form

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