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AXON 11th Patch Clamp Training Sessions (1st Notification)

 Background: DL Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc., has held Patch Clamp Training sessions in many different cites since 2006. Beijing (2006), Taiyuan (2007), Wuhan (2007), Nanjing (2008), Chengdu (2008), Harbin (2009), Nanchang (2010), Guangzhou (2012), Hefei (2013), Hangzhou (2014) DL Naturegene Life Sciences is the exclusive agency of AXON system in South China who has a lot of customers. In regards of technical matters and application problems, it’s essential to provide training to customers. Therefore, AXON 11th Patch Clamp Training Session has been arranged.


This year’s training session will take place at Research Institute of Chinese Medicine in Nanjing city from May 13th to May 15th,2015. Jeffrey Tang and Zhenwei Liu, are both invited to give lectures. Jeffrey Tang is the senior technical engineer in Molecular Devices (USA) Ltd. who is in charge of AXON series products. Zhenwei Liu is the well-known patch clamp specialist who is the author ofPractical Patch Clamp Technique.

This is a junior training session of basic patch clamp theories and software operations. It’s very suitable for undergraduate/postgraduate/doctoral students, patch clamp salesmen, customer service engineers, as well as scientific rookies who just get into this field. 

We welcome all people across the country who are interested in patch clamp techniques to join this upcoming training session. For more information, please feel free to call us or visit our company website.