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A notification on sales maintenance of Vibrotomes Slicers

Dear customers of Campden Vibrotomes Slicers,
The purpose of this notice is to remind you timely check the after-sale maintenance of Vibrotomes Slicers (7550 Series and 752 Series) which need to be serviced.
When was the last time you had your equipment examined, calibrated, or serviced? Your results and your reputation depend on the equipment you use. 
Notes about when to schedule service for Vibrotomes:
1.        The Campden Integraslice Vibrotomes (7550 Series) are recommended for service every 2-5 years to maintain its precision.
2.        If you have an older Vibroslice (752 Series) the vibrating mechanism bearings may have worn, but can be replaced to ensure the slicing surfaces are smooth and free from debris.
3.        The latest Campden 7000smz and 5000mz Vibrotomes have bearingfree vibrating mechanisms and will not require service for at least 10 years, with no degradation in the quality of slice.
If your slicers need to be serviced, please feel free to contact us:
DL Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc.
Address: Building A Room509, FengLan International Centre Block, No.32, Xizhimen North Street, Beijing, 100082
TEL: 010-62226337/62259284
FAX: 010-62254835-230
Best wishes.
                                                                                                  DL Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc.