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AxonpCLAMP11 software

Product Name: AxonpCLAMP11 software
Product Type: AxonpCLAMP11
Exhibitors: AXON
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Flexible data acquisition, intelligent data analysis.

AxonpCLAMP11 software  Detailed description
    Axon™pCLAMP™ software of Molecular Devices is widely used to record and analyze electrophysiological data in voltage clamp, current clamp, and patch clamp experiments. Axon pCLAMP 11 software includes data acquisition software Clampex 11, background recording AxoScope 11, data analysis Clampfit 11, and enhanced Clampfit advanced analysis module for more complex and simplified analysis.

main feature:
    1.Edit advanced experiment protocols using the enhanced protocol editor.

    2.Analyze data more accurately using new group peak potential and action potential analysis.

    3.The enhanced version of the clampfit analysis module automates event detection and batch data analysis to speed up analysis.
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