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pCLAMP 10 Electrophysiology Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

Product Name: pCLAMP 10 Electrophysiology Data Acquisition and Analysis Software
Product Type: pCLAMP 10
Exhibitors: MD(Axon)
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pCLAMP 10 Electrophysiology Data Acquisition and Analysis Software, the gold standard for full-featured, user-friendly electrophysiology data acquisition and analysis software.

pCLAMP 10 Electrophysiology Data Acquisition and Analysis Software  Detailed description

The Clampex 10 Data Acquisition Module expands the range and quality of your data acquisition experiments. These improvements are useful for a wide variety of applications, allowing more flexibility in your experimental protocols.

New features include:

  • Membrane test supports monitoring cell health between sweeps during a recording
  • Membrane and seal tests combined into a single resizable window
  • Support for up to four stimulus waveforms*
  • Control of eight digital outputs*
  • Control of split-clock sampling per epoch during a sweep
  • Leak subtraction automatically saves both raw and corrected traces
  • All protocol durations are entered in time units
  • Support of the Digidata 1440A Data Acquisition System
  • Support of the Axoclamp™ 900A Microelectrode Amplifier
  • New ABF 2.0 file format

* Requires Digidata 1440A Data Acquisition System

Existing functionality includes the ability to automate the execution of protocols with Sequencing Keys, a variety of recording modes from Gap-Free to Episodic Waveform stimulation, online filtering and leak subtraction, as well as online statistics and support of Automatic Quick Graphs.

The AxoScope 10 Software provides a convenient way to produce background recordings with the included MiniDigi 2-Channel Digitizer. You can monitor cells during inter-sweep periods, or create an overview of the entire day's activities including voice tags.  The Clampex and Axoscope applications can acquire data concurrently on the same computer if both a MiniDigi Digitizer and a Digidata System are connected.

The Clampfit 10 Data Analysis Module is a powerful solution for analyzing, graphing, and formatting of all of your Clampex and AxoScope data. The Clampfit Module includes an extensive array of filtering and fitting routines. Functionality includes I-V graphs, power spectrums, and special "linked data views" for threshold (AP), template (minis), and single-channel modes of event detection and analysis.

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