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BIG BROTHER Activity Video Surveillance System for Rhythmic Biology and Behavio

Product Name: BIG BROTHER Activity Video Surveillance System for Rhythmic Biology and Behavio
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Big Brother for animal, insect, zebrafish and other behavioral data collection

BIG BROTHER Activity Video Surveillance System for Rhythmic Biology and Behavio  Detailed description
Product description:
    The BigBrother system is applied to behavioral neuroscience, neuropharmacology, and biology. Most of the traditional systems rely on trigger switches. They are used as motion detectors by rotating wheels, infrared devices or burglar alarms. These systems are very cumbersome to set up and operate. Sometimes the response is slow. The BigBrother system uses a camera to track the movement distance of each monitored animal and reports each animal's distance every minute. The resulting data can be analyzed and observed using BigBrother's analysis program. The data can also be input to the clocklab. The program performs long day and night surveillance analysis.

    1. can track more than 200 small animals. The complete system includes a video capture card and 1-4 cameras, each of which can track more than 50 small animals at the same time.
    2. easy to install and operate. Hardware and software installation settings are simple and can be installed in minutes.
    3. the event sign. Used to indicate medication time, environmental changes, etc., multiple markers can be used to mark different treatments or events, markers can be used independently for each channel or all channels can be marked at the same time.
    4. route tracking. The motion route for each animal is stored in the form of a screen for detection and monitoring of other behavioral activities.
    5. flexibility. The images covered by each camera can be arbitrarily divided into multiple areas. Animals in each area can be individually tracked. BigBrother can track animals such as fruit flies, zebrafish and rats.
    6. cheap. The price of each lead channel for monitoring animals is very low.
    7. efficient and rapid processing capabilities. Each animal can be positioned 4 times per second (this depends on the number of animals being tracked), the distance the animal has been acted since it was last positioned is calculated and this value is added to the cumulative value of the current minute. .
    8. sensitive infrared. The camera of the Big Brother system is very sensitive to infrared light and can therefore be tracked in the presence of infrared, visible light, or periodic changes in light or darkness.
    9. large-scale data processing. You can export the data of all the animals in a file to spreadsheet software (Excel) or directly open a worksheet for multiple analysis. For circadian analysis, clocklab also has the characteristics of batch analysis.
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