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LABLINC V multichannel physiological data acquisition system

Product Name: LABLINC V multichannel physiological data acquisition system
Product Type: LABLINC V
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LABLINC V multichannel physiological data acquisition system

LABLINC V multichannel physiological data acquisition system  Detailed description

1. Product Introduction 

    The LabLincV system uses today's most advanced electronic technology and is simple and economical for applications in physiology, biomedicine, audiology, and biofeedback applications. Full integration and automation of the test process and test control, stimulus synthesis, graphical recording, data acquisition and computer data analysis. The economical desktop kit means simplicity and price advantage. Distributed, modular, modular program concept that maintains high signal quality and eases control of computer-based power supplies. Coulbourn's LabLinc V products provide the highest level of electronic instrument components available today. For more convenient use, the interconnection between the modules is located behind the module, and the sensors and electrodes are input on one side of the board to ensure that the front panel is not blocked and there is a clearer view of the display and easier control. Most of the modules can be used individually or economically, not alone. Our individual devices are designed to meet UL and AAMI standards for patient contact. Suitable for humans and animals.

2.System structure
    LabLinc V (vertical surface) is a modular instrument system. It consists of a single medical-grade power base, signal collector, processor, stimulation system, controller, and computer interface module. The modules are stacked on the base unit, one on top and the other on the power column. Before the top reaches the proper position, the safety interlock circuit will prevent the power supply from stacking. The system assembly is very simple. Select the required modules according to your steps, stack them on the base, and then connect them. After connecting the electrodes and sensors, you can start running.
3.Computer interface and software options
    Although modularity can be used alone or with a basic chart recorder to perform many monitoring functions, this system is generally used as a module or virtual instrument system for computers. The order of the modules, their control and output configuration optimize the simplicity of operation and enable the most efficient use of computers and software. By selecting the appropriate LabLinc port module, you can use our supplied software or other development software, but use industry-standard, high-speed, parallel interface boards. We will provide the DATAQ software package.
4.Module type
    The Lablinc V system is a modular system composed of the following components: discrete power bases, signal collection and processing, stimulus synthesis, control and computer interface modules. The system can be used in various types of laboratories including physiology, biology, medicine, and the like. Experimenters can choose different modules according to different experimental requirements. There are many modules available:
· V19-02 Lablinc Winpaq port module
· V19-22 National Instruments E-series Port Module
· V21-10 Dual Comparator/Window Discriminator Module
· V71-23 Skin Conductor Coupler
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