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CLOCKLAB Rhythm Biological Data Acquisition and Analysis System

Product Name: CLOCKLAB Rhythm Biological Data Acquisition and Analysis System
Product Type: ACT-500
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CLOCKLAB Rhythm Biological Data Acquisition and Analysis System  Detailed description
1. Product Introduction
    The ClockLab2 system is an instrument used to record the circadian activity of animals. Makes data collection in rhythm biology easier. The system uses a new USB plug-and-play interface. Each interface box has 56 input channels and 8 light output channels. Using the USB Hub, it can be connected to a computer. With a total of 448 input channels, each interface contains the most powerful and widely used ClockLab analysis program in rhythm biology. The number of rotations of the wheel can be recorded and displayed in the form of a chart, thereby reflecting the status and characteristics of the animals' day and night activities. Did you spend more than 30 seconds in calculating the phase shift? If so, ClockLab can help you.
    This product is used to collect and analyze behavioral data. It links the click interface with the most advanced algorithms. Internal control can transform each image into a powerful human-machine communication tool for data analysis. Users are very satisfied with the speed and convenience of ClockLab. ClockLab's analysis program can be used to analyze chemical information on mice, hamsters, rats, fruit flies, humans, bees, algae, Eurasion Lynx in the zoo, radio tracking squirrels in the wild in Alaska, and mud from the Mars Vinking Lander.
2. Data collection:
    Ø Easy to install, use USB interface, high-throughput RJ-45 interface.
    Ø Can record 448 channels, including running wheels, infrared detectors and other equipment.
    Ø Perform different light patterns in 64 different animal cages, including 24-hour, T-period, and pulsed programs.
    Ø Record the light level in each animal cage.
    Ø Get data files on the network at any time without interrupting data collection.
    Ø Windows 2000 and XP compatible.
    Ø Highly reliable. Complete power failure recovery function.
    Ø Provide animal cages and long life switches with running wheels.
3. Data analysis:
    Ø Automatically determine the start of the activity. Calculate the phase transitions after the start, α and τ.
    Ø Click and drag to enlarge the data and display its cycle diagram and activity diagram.
    Ø A large number of automatic repeat tasks.
    Ø Data and graphics can be edited in the graphics program for making slideshows and pictures.
    Ø Show daily light cycle.
    Ø Batch printing and analysis functions.
    Ø Data files can be read by Minimitter, Actiwatch, Dataquest, Stanford and other data acquisition systems.
    Ø Windows and Macintosh (OS-9, X) compatible.
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