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LumiCycle 32-channel/96-channel biorhythmography photometer

COULBOURN Behaviour Products  Detailed description
1. Product introduction:
    Genetics and functional genomics are the core subjects of modern biology, and their development has a critical role in the development of other biomedical fields. The LumiCycle system is mainly used for the study of gene function at different levels such as molecular biology, cell biology and whole animal, and the biological mechanisms of gene regulation and disease progression. It is intended to establish large-scale genetic mutagenesis, gene transfer, gene knockout and other functions. Provides a research technology platform.
The LumiCycle system enables high-throughput measurements of self-illuminating objects, such as transgenic animals with the luciferin gene. The system has 4 photomultiplier tubes for photon counting, which has extremely high sensitivity to the green light emitted by fluorescein. It can measure 32 samples at the same time. The sample is placed in a 35mm Petri dish and a light detector is used for every 8 dishes. , The auto turntable can rotate each sample to the measurement position in turn. LumiCycle is located in a constant temperature chamber and can be maintained at a constant temperature. Rotary tables and light detectors are all controlled automatically. System setup and operation are also very simple. Online help files are included in the software. In addition to the high accuracy of light measurement, LumiCycle data acquisition and analysis software is also very flexible and easy to use.

2.System performance and characteristics
    · Each channel can be started and stopped independently. For example, you can measure 10 samples on the first day, 22 samples on the second day, and then stop the previous experiment on the 5th day, and add new samples in the original position.
    · Ability to interrupt data acquisition to process samples (eg dosing). After the processing is completed, the system can continue to collect data, and the short break between them does not affect the data analysis.
    · The measurement mode is flexible, and you can set the measurement frequency freely, from once per hour to once per minute.
Sampling of advanced signal processing algorithms can compensate for baseline drift and signal attenuation during the experiment. The analysis program extracts obvious rhythm cycles and phases.
    · Rhythm parameters can be calculated from all records and partial records. For example, given the treatment in the experiment, parameters before and after treatment can be calculated separately.
    · View records during data collection. The 32 channels are displayed in a window. Double-click on one of the tables to see the details.
    · During the recording process, the data can be copied to other computers at any time to analyze the data so far, and the data collection is not affected.
    · Analysis results can be exported to statistical software such as Excel.
Ø Raw data can be exported to ClockLab for further analysis using cycle charts, activity charts, and more.

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