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P3 Portable Physiological Data Acquisition System

Product Name: P3 Portable Physiological Data Acquisition System
Product Type: P3
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P3 Portable Physiological Data Acquisition System

P3 Portable Physiological Data Acquisition System  Detailed description
1. Product introduction
    The A10-25 portable physiological platform (P3) is a patent for coulbourn products.
    The A10-25 device is a portable physiological system equipped with some biofeedback devices. It consists of 4 isolated bioamplifiers, 4 programmable band filters, 1 isolated skin conductance connector, 4 contour tracking integrators, 4 Remote input and an audio signal generator.
2. Product components:
·Isolated bioamplifiers:
    For the sake of safety, the amplifier is completely isolated. The gain is fully programmed and can be set to 500, 1k, 5k, 10k and 50k. The amplifier is AC-coupled and selected via the three-phase switch on the front panel. Coupling settings can be 0.1Hz, 1Hz and 10Hz.
·Programmable band filter:
    The programmable band filter is a 2-pole Butterworth filter with 12dB per octave attenuation. The filter is fully programmed with low pass filter settings of 40Hz, 150Hz, 1KHz and 3KHz, high pass filter settings are open, 8Hz, 13Hz, 90Hz and 150Hz.
·Isolation skin conductance connector:
    This section is used to measure skin conductance, which is the most commonly used method for measuring the electrical activity response (EDR) of the skin. The output represents the conductance in mV/S. The front panel has a coupling switch that can measure direct tension skin conductance in direct coupling (DC) or skin conductance response (SCR) in SCL or AC coupling. The SCR time constant is 5s. The front panel has an excitation switch that provides a 0.5V AC sine signal or 0.5V DC signal that is applied to the skin of the animal through the electrodes and then processed by the connector to become the output voltage signal. When in DC mode, a 10-turn potentiometer balance control can be used to balance the base current flow to zero. The front panel has a sensitivity control switch that can select 5 sensitivity ranges: 10 mV/μS, 50 mV/μS, 100 mV/μS, 500 mV/μS, and 1000 mV/μS.
·Contour tracking integrator:
    Profile tracking integrators (CFI) are commonly used to eliminate peaks and valleys when recording EMG. Each bioamplifier has a CFI and each CFI will be independently adjusted. If not used, the output is the original signal and is not rectified and integrated; after use, the output is full-wave rectified and integrated with an integral constant. The available time constants are 10ms, 50ms, 100ms, 200ms and 300ms. There is a DC compensation control on the front panel. Negative compensation allows the user to “zero out” background noise and unwanted baseline signals.
·Remote input:
    The device has 4 remote input ports and the input is +5-30VDC. The interface is on the back, and each interface has two 0.080 sockets.
·Audio signal generator:
    The audio signal generator is used to provide audio and noise signals. The most common situation is pre-pulse suppression. The frequency and amplitude of the audio signal generator are controlled by the entire program, and the increase/decrease time of signal generation and termination is also controlled by the program. The amplitude range is 0.00-100.00% and the frequency range is 20Hz to 99.9KHz. The increase/decay time can be 1 ms, 2 ms, 5 ms, 10 ms, 50 ms, 100 ms. The audio signal generator has a built-in amplifier that can drive standard headphones. There is a 1/4" stereo jack on the back of the instrument.
3. product specifications:
·Ex vivo amplifier:
    Amplifier Type: Precision Instrument,
    Input impedance: 109 ohms (Europe)
    Input bias current: Normal 10nA Maximum 50nA
    Maximum Input Voltage: Difference 100mV Common Mode +/-10V
    Noise (input reference): 10-1kHz is typically 2uV rms
    Frequency Response: .1 to 3kHz (-3dB)
    Amplifier Gain: Programmable 500, 1k, 5k, 10k & 50k
    Gain accuracy: Selectable gain (max) +/- 4%
    High-Pass Filter: Programmable Settings 8, 13, 90, 150, 1kHz
    Low Pass Filter: Programmable Settings 13, 40, 150, 1k & 3k Hz
    Output Impedance: Less than 50 ohms (Europe)
    Notch Filter: 30dB at 50/60Hz
    Contour tracking integrator
    Time Constant: Programmable Bypass, 10, 50, 100, 200 & 300ms
    Rectification: jumper can choose to set full wave, positive & negative
    Negative offset: front panel adjustable 0 to -5VDC
    Remote control [remote measurement] input
    Isolation: Optical isolation
    Operating voltage: +5V-30VDC
·Audio signal generator
    Sound source
    Frequency range: 20Hz-99.9kHz
    Lifting waveform: linear
    Waveform settings: 1,2,5,10,50&100ms
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