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Guangzhou Station of Products Itinerant Exhibition

Within the concerted effort of employees from Dongle Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc. Guangzhou Office, a touring exhibition with large-scale products was successfully organized in Zhongshan Medical College of Zhongshan and the Medical College of Jinan University, which had achieved desired effects.
       Zhu Fan from Guangzhou office communicated with professors from Medical College of Jinan University.
Most of the corporation's product lines were intuitively showed in the exhibition mainly by taking the form of displaying the real instruments, posters as well as color pages. Axon patch clamp system, Harvard syringe pump and ventilator anesthesia machine and Panlab animal behavior system were included.
   Chen Dong from Guangzhou office is doing animated conversation with dealers in tour site of School of Medicine of Zhongshan University
Within the two-day’s touring exhibition, professors and students from the two universities communicated with us actively and pleasantly. On one hand, products were informatively presented and recommend. On the other hand, we proposed reasonable and workable solutions for different experimental problems, which highlighted our technical advantages and achieved good results. Apart from consolidating with the old users, it also helped to expand a number of new users.
The touring exhibition helped to upgrade the influence of Dongle Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc. in the two universities as well as other counterparts. It well reflected the teamwork of Guangzhou office. We also recognized there were still some deficiencies which will provide valuable experience for future work.

Edited by Arthur. Tan, DL Naturegene Marketing Dept.