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DL Participated In The Product and Technical Support Training of American Neuralynx

 A market and product technical support training was held by American Neuralynx in Bozeman, Montana, USA on September 2-13, 2012. As the general agent of Neuralynx Company in China, Dongle Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc. was invited to participate in the meeting. General Manager and Neuralynx product managers went to the United States to attend this training.
 The training was carefully arranged by Neuralynx. During the two-week’s training course, Training Specialist of the market and products of Neuralynx introduce several product categories bases on Digital Lynx 16SX, including the EIB, HS, micro drives and video tracking. Meanwhile, all-round training was carried out, as well as the technical characteristics of software, operation of hardware and software, after-sales installation and maintenance.
During the training, person in charge of Neuralynx Company Europe segment introduced the new product of Neuralynx Company named Optogenetics, which outfitted with easy operation and powerful software, as well as up to 4-color LED stimulus light. Optogenetics can be perfectly carried out in conjunction with Digital Lynx system, so that it can target stimulate ion channels and record neuronal firing simultaneously. Neuralynx Company will focus on the Optogenetics promotion on the 2012 annual meeting of American Academy of Neurology.
 Through the training, Dongle Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc. will provide customers with better after sales service and professional advice. For more information, please pay attention to our website:
                                                                                                                                              Edited by Arthur. Tan, DL Naturegene Marketing Dept.