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Product Name: Rota-Rod
Product Type: LE8205 LE8305 LE8505 LE8355
Exhibitors: other brand
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Motion coordination test, if the animal slides down, it will fall to the platform and the weight sensor on the platform will record this moment. The device records the time the animal stayed on the roller and the speed of the roller when it fell.

Rota-Rod  Detailed description
    Rota-Rod is used for operational coordination and balance testing. Place the animal on a rotating rod in the center of the drum. To avoid slipping, the animal needs to adjust the balance and run with the rotating rod. The animal's time of persistence is used as an experimental index. If the animal is dropped, the instrument will automatically record the persistence time of the animal and the speed of the moment of falling.
    Rota-Rod is widely used, and in the following research directions, Rota-Rod's athletic ability is considered to be a very important indicator:
Parkinson's disease
Huntington's disease
Alcohol-dependent exercise disorder and senile dementia
Intellectual development
Drug evaluation, etc.

1. Using a microprocessor to precisely control the speed;
2. Provide constant speed and acceleration mode, constant speed adjustable at 4-40rpm;
3. Drums with different sizes for big and small mice, and can be individually replaced (LE8500);
4. Provide a height-adjustable device with a height of 15cm that can be freely disassembled to prevent animals from jumping between different tracks;
5. The instrument automatically detects the falling of the animal and records the falling latency and rotation speed. The sensitive gravity sensor can accurately identify 20g mice.
6. Use separate timers for each runway;
7. Excellent process design, very easy to disassemble and clean;
8. The data is input into the computer SedCom software statistics via USB or RS-232 interface;
9. Using a microprocessor to precisely control the real-time speed, the maximum speed is 40rpm.
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