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DigiGai analysis system

Product Name: DigiGai analysis system
Product Type: DigiGait
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Gait analysis is a study of walking. Gait analysis is increasingly recognized as an important preclinical diagnostic and research tool to better understand and analyze how animal models respond to human illness and to obtain quantitative data for normal and abnormal gait. it works!

DigiGai analysis system  Detailed description

    DigiGait is a high-precision, high-sensitivity large mouse gait analysis system developed by MOUSE SPECIFICS, USA. DigiGait is the world's most widely used gait analysis system for experimental animals. DigiGait can give gait analysis after walking or running in a large mouse. Ventral planar imaging (VPI) can continuously image the animal's walking on a transparent track and generate "digital paw prints" and dynamic gait signals. This information can describe the animal's posture and dynamics, which in turn can reflect the animal's strength, balance and coordination. Experimental animals can also be set uphill or downhill to maximize their athletic ability.

DigiGait imaging and analysis software:
    DigiGait's imaging and analysis software, AUTOMATICALLY, quantifies the spatial information of animal walking or running gait without the need for a marker. Unlike other video analysis software, users do not need to manually specify the active area. Moreover, the graphical interface allows the user to maximize the contrast between the animal's foot and the background. The position of the four limbs' feet is determined in a gait cycle at a speed of 150 frames per second. The result of the analysis is dynamic data on the posture of each limb and animal. More than 35 indicators were imported into the spreadsheet, including attitude, swing, braking, propulsion, rhythm, stepping order, regularity, and more.

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