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Product Name: GaitScan
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American Clever system GaitScan.

GaitScan  Detailed description
    Touch/lift, Step, Pitch, Speed, Toe Dispersion, Footprint Area, Body-to-foot Distance, Foot Spacing, Footprint Angle, Rotation and Translation, Plantar Pressure Distribution.
    100 frames per second high-speed photography, analyzing the number of consecutive steps up to 16 steps.
    The animal gait analysis system consists of a passive gait analysis system TreadScan and an active gait analysis system RunwayScan. It is mainly used for the evaluation of motor neuron defects: The TreadScan module is used to evaluate the defect of the motor nerve region through the automatic recognition and analysis of animal gait. Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, ALC, arthritis, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders can be evaluated.
    System Description: TreadScan uses a high-speed camera (100 fps) to automatically identify and analyze the gait of the mouse on the treadmill from the bottom perspective.
    Measurement parameters: touchdown/lift, step length, pitch, speed, toe dispersion, footprint area, body-to-foot distance, foot spacing, footstep angle, rotation and translation.
    High-speed cameras capture the image and process the image to obtain real gait information, and then analyze and evaluate animal movement.
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