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Natural animal behavior analysis system

Product Name: Natural animal behavior analysis system
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American Clever system homecage animal natural fine behavior analysis system

Natural animal behavior analysis system  Detailed description
Progressive behavior recognition technology:
    Based on computer vision technology, identify the entire shape of the animal.
    Head, tail, forelimbs, hind limbs, upper back, lower back, abdomen, ears, complete identification of all areas.
    It can automatically identify complex/fine behaviors, natural behaviors, and conduct a series of behavioral tests.
Performance introduction:
    The world's only analysis system that can recognize the natural behavior of animals without the need for user pre-definition. Through the side view of the animals in the cage upright, lying down, walk / run, hanging, jumping, landing, turning, drinking, eating, chewing, sniffing, digging, rotating, combing, stretching, twitching, falling asleep, waking, urination, etc. The automatic intelligent identification of behaviors is widely used in animal biological rhythms, chronic pain, drug efficacy studies and provides rich and accurate data. It is divided into two versions: big mouse analysis and primate analysis. Combined with the TopScan system, a three-dimensional identification system can be formed. At the same time, animal trajectories and natural behaviors can be recorded and analyzed to provide the most comprehensive behavioral observation data for experiments.
    The software of the HomeCageScan PhenoScan product automatically studies unconstrained rodent behavior in cages for short or long periods (24/7) to support long-term observations of 24 hours in 7 days. Animal genes screened by behavioral models distinguish the species of mice. Automated analysis will allow quantifying behaviors and observing their long-term circadian rhythms. The principle is similar to holter (by comparing with the database, counting the number of each fine behavior, and the time distribution).
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