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Product Name: Rota-Rob
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The rotarod meter can be used to easily measure the effects of drugs, brain damage or disease on rodent movement coordination, endurance and anti-fatigue effects.

Rota-Rob  Detailed description
The main features:
    1.New touch screen interface
    2.Big and small mouse available
    3.Automatically detect the drop time
    4.Separate timer
    5.Constant speed and fixed acceleration mode
Measurement parameters:
    1.Animals fall off time delay
    2.Rotation speed when dropped
Place the animal on the rotating rod of the rotarod and the timing begins. When the animal falls safely into its own area, the time delay and rotation speed will be recorded automatically. In order to prevent adjacent rats from interfering with each other during running, the system adds a heightening device.
The rotarod is controlled by a microprocessor that provides precise time control and precise speed adjustment. The rotation speed can be set to a constant (4-40 rpm). Acceleration is optional (30sec-100min, increased unit is 1s). The data obtained will be saved in the form of a table.
The new touch screen main interface clearly shows the time and speed of each channel. Change the mode from the main interface, adjust the speed and create protocols.
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