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Product Name: Tread-Mill
Product Type: Tread-Mill
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Fatigue, locomotor activity and muscle endurance test.

Tread-Mill  Detailed description

1. Single-channel, dual-channel, 5-channel and large mouse models
2. The speed is continuously adjustable in the range of 0-150cm/s
3 high-performance motor sustainable work more than 5000 hours
3. Ultra Silent design ensures a quiet working environment even at high speeds
4. Adjustable tilt angle, range +/- 25 degrees
5.Electric shock can be given during running to prevent sloughing of the animals, the electric shock strength is 0-2mA and the electrode
6. The frequency can be adjusted
7. Multi-parameter liquid crystal display, real-time display of parameters such as running distance, speed, time, and number of electric shocks
8. Data is connected to the computer via RS-232 interface and data is recorded using SeDaCom software
9. Exquisite craftsmanship: Run belts are double wrapped with polyurethane and polyester fiber to ensure long-term stable operation and cleanliness.
10. The side has a hard aluminum texture and the rear is ZZ steel texture to ensure the equipment is strong and durable with a waste recycling device for easy equipment cleaning
11. Optional air-enclosed design for measuring exercise energy consumption with respiratory metabolic devices
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