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Tail Suspension Test

Product Name: Tail Suspension Test
Product Type: Tail Suspension Test
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Suspension experiments are specifically designed for mouse depression evaluation, induction and mechanism studies.

Tail Suspension Test  Detailed description
    Mice are inverted by the tail and cause an instinct to break free. However, because they can't escape, they eventually give up any resistance and form a depression model. People and animals are very similar to depression. In addition, individual differences in genes, age, etc. can lead to differences in depression. Antidepressants and other methods may be effective in relieving depressive symptoms or prolonging the process of depression.

Force Sensor Suspension Analyzer:
    Suspension testing is one of the classic experimental paradigms for depression research and is commonly used in mice. The animal's tail is suspended and thrown off, causing an instinctively violent break-up response. However, because it cannot escape, it finally gives up resistance and enters Immobility. Many experiments can establish animal models of tail-suspended depression.
    The depressive behavioral responses of humans and animals are similar. They are all manifested as decreased motility, numbness to negative stimuli, and inner struggles. Individual differences in drug effects, transgenes, and age can have an impact on the formation and elimination of depression.

    The fully automatic suspension test system does not require video capture and is implemented using a force sensor located above the mouse's tail. It can record changes in force and energy loss during animal struggles and automatically recognize the animal's Immobility state. The software playback function can record and reproduce the struggles of each animal in this experiment. Parameters automatically recorded by the software include: Immobility time and proportion, Energy struggling energy average, and PM average struggling.

    The product uses a gravity sensor to record the changes in force and energy during the animal's struggle to effectively record the animal's depression formation process, and analyze and calculate the energy curve and the time of struggle in the software.

1. Record the energy and power of animals struggling in real time
2. No need to shoot, no human judgment, fully automatic experimental data acquisition and analysis
3. Record the time when animals are struggling
4. Automatically identify depression in the animal and adjust the threshold for depression
5. Can make 3 to 6 animals at the same time
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