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Black and White Test

Product Name: Black and White Test
Product Type: Black and White Test
Exhibitors: Panlab
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The classic anxiety assessment model can quickly assess the degree of anxiety in which the animal's exploration instinct is suppressed.

Black and White Test  Detailed description

Black and White Box

    The device consists of an open white (light) bright room and a narrow (red light) dark room. The two rooms can move freely. A gravity sensing device can easily and accurately record the location of animals. The PPCWIN software will record the time the animal stays in the two rooms, the number of transfers, and the total time.

    Similar to the open field experiment, the black-white box experiment is also used to assess the anxiety of darkening and darkness instincts and to explore instinct confrontation. This experiment can be performed in the shuttle box. The difference is that the black and white box experiment does not need to provide electric shock.
    Panlab's black and white box can quickly assess the state of anxiety. It is designed with a large white box and a black box with a small baffle. Above the white box, 100W white light is provided, and a 40W red light is provided above the black box. A set of gravity sensing system is used to monitor the animal's activity response. Experiments and processing of experimental data are controlled by PPCWIN software.
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