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Automated Forced Swimming Test in Mice

Product Name: Automated Forced Swimming Test in Mice
Product Type: Automated Forced Swimming Test in Mice
Exhibitors: Bioseb
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The combination of video monitoring and swimming cup wall vibration monitoring can accurately determine the various behaviors of forced swimming.

Automated Forced Swimming Test in Mice  Detailed description
Automated Forced Swimming Test System in Mice
    The use of the forced swimming experiment paradigm to study depression can be traced back to the 1970s. In the 21st century, researchers found that besides Immobility behavior, forced swimming should also consider some active behavioral responses. These include: swimming, wall climbing, and struggles. . (Cryan et al. 2002, I.Lucki et al. 1995)
    This took a lot of energy and time from the researchers to complete a set of forced swimming experiments. This system developed by Bioseb combines the video shooting behavior analysis with vibration sensors to complete the automatic judgment of the fine behavior of forced swimming!
 · Proved to have high accuracy (error rate less than 4%) and repeatability (100%)
 · Keep GLP data, you can play it back at any time, you can analyze it afterwards
 · Quick and easy system setup and use, 4 mice simultaneously experiment
 · Divides animal behavior into three states: Immobility, Swimming, Climbing, and can fully define three types of behaviors
 · Combines 2 camera retreats and pats
    Swimming cup size: 18.5cm diameter (mouse), 25cm high.

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