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Place Perference Box

Product Name: Place Perference Box
Product Type: Place Perference Box
Exhibitors: Panlab
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


Imported black and white Place Perference cabinet, using Panlab's patented gravity sensor technology.

Place Perference Box  Detailed description
Location Preference Box Place Perference Box
    This position-preferred box adopts a 3-box structure, which is divided into black boxes, white boxes and gray transition boxes of the same size. The touch of the floor can be replaced (smooth, rough). Panlab's patented gravity sensing technology can also be applied to this product. The data analysis and processing of the location preference (drug addiction) experiment was performed by PPCwin's specialized software.
    LE890 Rat Position Preference Box (Requires SMART Capture)
    LE891 mouse position preference box (requires SMART shooting)
    LE892 automatic position preference rat box (with sensor and PPCwin software)
    LE893 automatic position preference mouse box (with sensor and PPCwin software)

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