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Forced Swimming Chamber

Product Name: Forced Swimming Chamber
Product Type: Forced Swimming Chamber
Exhibitors: Panlab
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Forced swimming is one of the most commonly used experiments to study depression.

Forced Swimming Chamber  Detailed description
Forced Tourism Chamber
     The forced swimming experiment needs to be matched with a video shooting system and it is recommended to be done by Panlab SMART or SMART Junior software. Fully automated analysis eliminates the need for human judgment and recognition, and active analysis techniques make it more accurate than human judgment!
     More animals can be made at a time to increase the efficiency of the experiment.
     If necessary, SMART can also track animals' trajectories at the same time to determine specific behaviors such as swimming and diving.
    This characteristic product can automatically divide and identify the behaviors in forced swimming, such as: immobility, swimming, and wall-climbing behavior, with an accuracy rate of 96%.
    The automatic forced-swimming test system analyzes the software analysis result after video shooting and the data of the vibration sensor attached to the swimming cup wall, so as to accurately judge the behavior of animals swimming and climbing the wall.
A system can simultaneously perform a forced swim test of 4 mice. The size of the swimming cup is a wide cup: 18.5 cm in diameter and 25 cm in height. In addition to direct analysis results, the software also provides raw data playback and reanalysis capabilities with repeatability up to 100%.

    Forced swimming is different from the tail suspension test, which can be applied to rats and mice. Panlab provides a fully transparent material for forced swimming cups. Using the power of SMART video analytics software, the behavior of forced swimming can be identified and defined completely automatically. According to the research needs, the combination of horizontal and vertical shooting can be used to automatically identify motions such as immobility, swimming and dive.
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