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Open Filed with IR Actimeter

Product Name: Open Filed with IR Actimeter
Product Type: Open Filed with IR Actimeter
Exhibitors: Panlab
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This is a fully automated open field experiment system that records animal activity trajectories and probe hole behavior through an infrared sensing matrix.

Open Filed with IR Actimeter  Detailed description
    Infrared sensing is a commonly used behavior recording method. The experimental data is easy to process and analyze, and the data is highly efficient. Infrared monitoring systems are used to monitor animal behavior and are commonly used in the following experiments:
 · Spontaneous activity monitoring
 · Circadian rhythm record
 · Novelty Environment Exploration

 · Open field activity screening

1. IR Field Test System IR Actimeter:
     This is a fully automated open field experiment system that records animal activity trajectories and probe hole behavior through an infrared sensing matrix. Because it does not require lighting and shooting, the entire system can be very compact.
2.Infrared sensor box:
    A set of infrared sensors includes 32 pairs of infrared sensors, of which 16 are distributed on the X-axis and 16 on the Y-axis. Both use infrared light of 950 nm and the operating frequency is 40 Hz. For large, mice provide different sizes. In addition, a pair of infrared sensors Beam is located above the infrared sensor frame and is mainly used to monitor the standing behavior, or to cooperate with the special props of the animal cage.
    The infrared sensing strip can be configured in a single layer or in a double layer, the single layer is mainly used for planar tracking, and the double layer is used for additional monitoring of the detection hole or standing behavior.
    Panlab Infrared Sensing consists of a 16x16 sensor matrix that matches the size of the mouse and mouse to achieve good animal detection. The mice's open field size is 220x220mm, and the distance between the infrared sensing points of mice is no more than 14mm.
3. Box:
    The enclosure can be selected for use in animal cages or open field (split-hole) environments. The cage environment is mainly used to monitor the animal's spontaneous activity and rhythm, and it can realize long-term spontaneous activity monitoring. The open field environment is used to test novelty exploration behavior and activity screening.
4. Acti-Track Software:
 · Acti-Track software is dedicated to infrared-based behavioral analysis, and can be divided logically to obtain the required statistical results.
 · Software definition of running and walking (user setting threshold)
 · Specific action pattern design and fast or slow speed definition (user set threshold)
 · Standing behavior monitoring and definition of standing speed (user set threshold)
 · Surveillance of sniffing and rapid and slow motion definition (user set threshold)
 · A set of software supports 32 data terminals
 · Choose a single area to make a single animal or divide it into two areas and make two (small) animals at the same time.
5.Parameter index:
 · The distance of movement in a particular area.
 · Maximum, minimum and average speeds.
 · Running time, slow walking, and staying time.
 · Time of stay.
 · The number of times to enter the target area.
 · The number and duration of standing behaviors.
 · Number of revolutions
 · Trajectory-based analysis, etc.

 ActiTrack is a powerful, animal-based trajectory analysis software based on infrared sensing matrices for use with ancillary systems.

 · LE8812 Monolayer Infrared Rat System (including Sedcom Software)
 · Actitrack Enhanced Tracking Software up to 32 Frames
 ·  LE8815 Expands Infrared Layer 16x16 Rats
 ·  LE8821 4 compartment partitions (2 animals at the same time)
 ·  LE8820 Flooring Hole Accessory

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