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RGBP Research Grade Blood Pressure Transducer

Product Name: RGBP Research Grade Blood Pressure Transducer
Product Type: RGBP
Exhibitors: Harvard
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IBP blood pressure transducer

RGBP Research Grade Blood Pressure Transducer  Detailed description
The RGBP transducer converts picofarad changes of capacitance into highlevel
DC voltages using a unique electronic circuit (U.S. Patent #4,142,144).
This circuit is extremely sensitive and stable, producing a signal suitable for
direct connection to recorders, oscillographs and computers.
The transducer amplifier has a 3-digit back lit LCD display that reads directly
in mmHg up to 999. Amplifiers can be stacked for multiple use. It is possible
on special order to have as many as 4 amplifiers operated by one
The RGBP uses a semi-disposable dome of medical grade Silastic® with an
integral silicone rubber diaphragm. Blood only contacts the diaphragm.
Domes are supplied sterile and can be re-sterilized and reused without
affecting calibration. Replacement domes are available as accessories.
Please note that replacement domes listed on this page are for Harvard
Apparatus’ newer model transducer ONLY. The older model is distinguished
by a black threaded ring at the base of the dome. The newer models have a
white ring at the base of the dome. We are no longer able to offer
replacement domes for these older units.
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