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SC1000 Blood Pressure Analysis System

Product Name: SC1000 Blood Pressure Analysis System
Product Type: SC1000
Exhibitors: Panlab
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


NIBP Blood Pressure Analysis System

SC1000 Blood Pressure Analysis System  Detailed description
The SC1000 Blood Pressure Analysis System Includes:
• Master Control Unit
• Specimen Platform for either mouse or rat with
one size 1 specimen holder
• Air line, power cable and interconnect cable
• Accessory Kit (contains tail-cuff balloons, tool for
making end caps, etc.)
• Operator’s Manual
The Following is Additional Equipment or Software:
• Additional specimen platform
• Different size specimen holders
• SC1000 Comm for Windows® Software (required)

• Precise correlation with intra-arterial measurements
• Fast and accurate measurements for pulse, diastolic, systolic and MAP
• Software driven digital system
• Single or dual channel operation (requires additional specimen platform)
• Measurements on two animals in parallel
• “V-Notch” sensor assembly helps to stabilize the tail
• Interchangeable specimen platforms
• Holders available in four standard sizes
• Custom algorithms designed specifically for non-invasive measurements
• Adjustable light source for any color rodent
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