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Non-Invasive Blood Pressure(NIBP)

Product Name: Non-Invasive Blood Pressure(NIBP)
Product Type: NIBP
Exhibitors: Panlab
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


Panlab NIPB system provides an easy and reliable technique to measure systemic blood pressure and cardiovascular parameters in rodents without any invasive catheterisation.

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure(NIBP)  Detailed description

• Total reliability to realise consecutive measurements on the same animal
• Analogical Signal output for enabling cuff pressure and pulse signals registering
• Automated defl ation driven separately for each animal (minimize tail lesions)
• The same system can be used for Rat / Dog /Mice (1 transducer by specie)
• Extremely easy to use (only 1 setting button!) • Validated for its use in anesthetized animals
• Real values provided (without any linear regression calculation)
• Easily traceable data (using a data acquisition software)
• Parameters evaluated can be visualized on-line on the digital display

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