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APT300 Pressure Transducer for PLUGSYS Module

Product Name: APT300 Pressure Transducer for PLUGSYS Module
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Exhibitors: Panlab
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APT300 transducer

APT300 Pressure Transducer for PLUGSYS Module  Detailed description
The APT300 transducer is an inexpensive pressure transducer which can be used to measure arterial blood pressures in all species, even on mice with a high heart rate.
It can be used for measurement of arterial pressure in vivo as well as for perfusion pressures in isolated perfused organs such as heart or kidney. It can also be used to measure isovolumetric left ventricular (using a balloon) pressures in isolated hearts from mice up to rabbits or pigs.
The transducer consists of a contact plate with cable and the exchangeable transducer head, which can easily be replaced. Contact plates with cables for different amplifier types are available.
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