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Electronic Pressure Calibrators

Product Name: Electronic Pressure Calibrators
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The calibrator KAL 84 is used for calibrating pressure sensors.

Electronic Pressure Calibrators  Detailed description
The calibrator KAL 84 is used for calibrating pressure sensors. It represents a
combination of a pressure generator (hand pump) and a pressure meter with
digital display. The instrument provides a simple means for testing and
calibrating both pressure sensors and complete pressure measuring equipment.
High accuracy and excellent reproducibility together with an especially
rugged construction provide the unit with all the properties required for
laboratory applications.
After the unit has been switched on and connected to the pressure sensor to be
calibrated (test object), the required pressure is set with the small hand-wheel.
The built-in pressure meter measures the set pressure accurately and
indicates it in digital form. Since the generated pressure is identical at the
built-in pressure meter and at the test object, the pressure measured by the
test object corresponds exactly to the pressure indicated by the KAL 84.
Models with different pressure ranges are available. Each model has an
application-specific range (range 1) and can be switched to a
corresponding SI range (range 2) in Pascal (Pa) or Kilopascal (kPA).
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