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Mayflower Tissue Bath System

Product Name: Mayflower Tissue Bath System
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Mayflower tissue bath is a horizontal tissue chamber

Mayflower Tissue Bath System  Detailed description
The Mayflower tissue bath is a horizontal tissue chamber with an integral contraction force measurement. It is completely open at the top and has a small bath volume of 3 - 5 ml. The compact and modular construction provides ideal conditions for investigations on small muscle preparations (urethra, papillary muscle, cavernous body), vascular rings,
or tracheal rings.
Basic Equipment:
– Acrylate support with a movable mounting platform for preload adjustment through a micrometer screw. This platform receive the tissue chamber and acts as holder for the force transducer. The acrylate support also includes a glass heat exchanger for the pre-heating of the perfusate solution.
– The tissue chamber differentiates the two versions.
Flow Through System (PY2 73-2155)
The tissue chamber is carved out of an acrylate block and placed on the support stand. This chamber includes the tissue holder, the connections for electrical stimulation electrodes, a frit for aeration and a draw-off tube with height adjustment to set the bath volume. As it is not jacketed, continuous flow through the chamber is required.
Incubation System (PY2 73-3600)
The tissue chamber is jacketed. The bottom of the chamber is made of a teflon coated stainless steel plate to optimize the temperature stability of the solution. A additional small stainless steel heat exchanger is also built in to avoid temperature fluctuation.
The incubation chamber can also be used as a flow-through superfusion chamber. The superfusion chamber cannot be used for incubation.
Additional Equipment:
– A multi-channel roller pump for the perfusate circuit
– A thermocirculator for keeping the perfusate solution
at constant temperature
The modular concept of this apparatus offers a wide range of different arrangements to meet individual requirements regarding bath geometry, tissue holders and stimulation electrodes. The horizontal arrangement of the tissue and the open top provide ideal conditions during preparation and experiment.
The various parts of the apparatus are made mainly from Plexiglas or stainless steel and are therefore inert and corrosion-resistant. The solution flows in from a roller pump and passes through a heat exchanger, the outflow is under suction through a suction tube with height adjustment by the same pump. A frit for aeration is located in the tissue
chamber. Two connection sockets for the stimulation electrodes are located on either side of the tissue chamber.
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