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Schuler Tissue Bath System

Product Name: Schuler Tissue Bath System
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The Schuler tissue bath system

Schuler Tissue Bath System  Detailed description

Isolated intact blood vessels and nerve-muscle preparation experiments
are also possible but require the use of special holders. The rigid construction
and ergonomic design of the Schuler Organ Bath allows for
rapid tissue mounting and adjustment to minimize tissue drying and
hypoxia. Tissue bath volumes of 5, 10, 20 and 50 ml are available along
with bath and tissue specific holders. Tissue supports are available for
rings, strips and specialty applications, with or without platinum plate
field stimulation electrodes and include an integrated oxygenating frit at
the back of the holder to minimize disruption of force and displacement
due to bath oxygenation. A selection of force and displacement transducers
is available which are mounted to Vernier positioners.
The HSE-DAQ Software Package ACAD, see page K31, is used to record
and export force and displacement measurements. Optional software
and hardware modules are available for computer controlled field stimulation,
tissue pretension using electronically controlled Vernier positioners
and tissue bath flushing.
Systems are available as individual components or complete Turn-key
solutions. Accessories include, tissue preparation dishes, buffer reservoirs,
wide range of tissue supports, transducers (force and displacement)
amplifiers, multi-channel stand alone or programmable stimulators,
thermocirculator and all required tubing and connectors.
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