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Graz Tissue Bath System

Product Name: Graz Tissue Bath System
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Graz Tissue Bath System

Graz Tissue Bath System  Detailed description
The Graz Organ Bath can be used for many standard pharmacological experiments.
This apparatus was developed for experiments on small isolated vascular rings (1 to 2 mm dia.) with special attention to a low incubation volume of the medium. The smallest tissue vessel available has a volume of 2 ml. The muscle contractions produced in these experiments can be measured either as forces (isometrically) or as displacements(isotonically).
The organ bath is also available in variable versions. Larger tissue vessels of 5, 10 or 20 ml are available for larger vessels and other muscle preparations. These baths can also be used for experiments on papillary muscle or isolated atria (e.g. guinea-pig), with provision for electrical stimulation.
The F-30 isometric transducer that we recommend (See page I4) can easily be replaced by different transducers without any modification of the apparatus.
The main consideration in designing the bath has been a simple and clear arrangement, without neglecting the necessary stability. A rigid construction is an essential requirement for measuring small contraction forces. A rigid Plexiglas baseplate carriers 4 vertical rods on which the individual components are mounted. Tissue vessels and suitable holders are available in 4 different sizes. The perfusion solution is aerated by glass frits fused into the vessel bottom. A needle valves is provided for each tissue vessel to permit accurate adjustment of the gas flow.
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