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P-97 Flaming/Brown Micropipette Puller

Product Name: P-97 Flaming/Brown Micropipette Puller
Product Type: P-97 Flaming/Brown Micropipette Puller
Exhibitors: Sutter
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P-97 Flaming/Brown Micropipette Puller

P-97 Flaming/Brown Micropipette Puller  Detailed description
Main Application:

    The P-97 micropipette puller is a computer-controlled high-precision micropipette puller introduced by Sutter Company in 1997. It is suitable for drawing patch clamp technology experimental electrodes, intracellular and external recording electrodes, and micro injection/ Micro-perfusion electrodes and other micropipette are one of the most widely used micropipette puller in laboratories at home and abroad.

Main Features:

  • Environmental chamber for humidity control
  • Programmable air pressure
  • Memory storage for up to 100 programs
  • Write protection and date stamp for each program
  • Two symmetrical pipettes with each pull
  • Two cooling modes: time and delay
  • Preprogrammed sample programs for intracellular and patch pipettes. Special programming on request
  • Ramp test - self test for establishing program heat settings when a new filament or glass is introduced
  • Vacuum fluorescent display
  • Constant current power supply for filament and pull solenoid
  • Looping pull cycle for fabrication of patch type micropipettes
  • Self-contained air supply with filtration system and humidity control
  • Consistent and reliable electrodes with tip diameters less than 0.1µm
  • Control over the time and pressure at which the air is delivered
  • Optimized velocity sensing circuit for maximized sensitivity and reproducibility
  • Quality control, SEM photograph of a tip pulled with each puller; criterion is tip measurement less than 0.1µm and typically is ~0.06µm

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