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PMP-102 Programmable Multi-tube Micropipette Puller

Product Name: PMP-102 Programmable Multi-tube Micropipette Puller
Product Type: PMP-102
Exhibitors: Sutter
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PMP-102 Programmable Multi-tube Micropipette Puller。

PMP-102 Programmable Multi-tube Micropipette Puller  Detailed description

    PMP-102 Programmable Multi-tube Micropipette Puller

Apply to:

    Draw all types of glass micropipettes (excluding quartz glass). Micropipette  is suitable for cell injection, cell electrode, patch clamp, micro-perfusion, sperm and liquid transfer, etc. It can also be used as a post-milling reprocessed embryo needle.

Instrument features:
    The programming microcomputer fully automatically controls horizontal two-way simultaneous drawing of two equivalent micro-needles, a total of ninety-nine programmable sequences, of which twenty-two programs are factory-set by default, covering all commonly used long and short-tip injection micropipette. ISCI micropipettes, cell electrode pipettes, patch clamps, oocyte suspension needle embryos and various types of micropipettes. It also comes with preset program pins, which saves the user from having to find and program. But without losing programming flexibility: This instrument has a program copy function. The user can easily select a program that is close to a particular preference and copy it to a new program and change only one or two parameters to achieve the most desired special effect.

    The Benila micropipette device adopts revolutionary microcomputer numerical control heating, pneumatic pull force, light rule detection, real-time feedback display and automatic multi-step drawing to make the instrument highly flexible, reliable and repeatable.
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