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Startle and Fear Combined System

Product Name: Startle and Fear Combined System
Product Type: Startle and Fear Combined System
Exhibitors: Panlab
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Panlab's distinctive startle and conditional fear combined experiment system places the research related Startle and Fear Conditional experiments in an experimental box (just select the appropriate accessories). A set of cabinets complete the work of two sets of cabinets, which greatly saves the purchase cost and saves laboratory space.

Startle and Fear Combined System  Detailed description
Conditional fear and startle combination system Fear Conditioning
    The panlab system can perform Prepulse inhibition of startle reflex (PIS), Fear-potentiated startle reflex (FPS) and Fear conditioning (FC) experiments in one cabinet.
    The use of patented sensitive gravity sensing technology to identify animal behavior, both for rats and mice.
     Flexible program design software can implement very elaborate and complex designs for the experimental process, including loops, conditional bifurcations, and random conditions.
    The hardware is exquisite and the software interface is modern and powerful.

    Conditional fear (FC) is considered to be the preferred experimental paradigm for the study of mood-related conditional memory; and startle test includes pre-stimulation startle (PPI) and potential fear startle (FPS), which is in the study of memory, attention, stress response The direction is of great significance; both FC, PPI, and FPS are based on the classical Pavlovian behavioral experiments. Panlab's conditional fear and startle combination experiment system combines these experiments in a single box.
    The system supports animals of all sizes (15g-500g) and has designed a unified experimental design and data analysis software.
    The cabinet uses Panlab's unique gravity sensor technology to record animal behavior. Its highly sensitive feature can accurately detect any small movements such as turning, head-up, and scratching of the animal to accurately determine animal activity and Freezing behavior. The signal of the sensor is input into the computer after passing through the Load Cell amplifier, and the data is subjected to real-time observation and analysis by Freezing and Startle dedicated software. Other hardware modules include: Lighting, sound, electric shock, hair dryer and other devices can be programmed in the software.
    The box is made of black polymer material (Methacrylate) and the door is made of transparent organic glass. In the conditional fear experiment, the walls and floor of the box can be dismantled and replaced with different materials or colors. The space shape of the room can also be changed into a drum or a ********. The change of space can be used not only as an environmental variable, but also as a spatial memory cues instead of sounds.

    1. Compatible with Prepulse inhibition of startle reflex (PIS), Fear-potentiated startle reflex (FPS), Fear conditioning (FC) experiments;
    2. Applicable to rats and mice; using a sensitive gravity sensing system to identify animal behavior;
    3. Including optical, acoustic, electric shock, hair blowing and other comprehensive stimulation devices, which can flexibly set and control the implementation of various stimuli in software;
    4. Provide a complete space clue package for conditions fear experiments, can replace the floor, walls, space shape, and can be used as a memory clue;
    5. to provide an optional blower stimulating device to replace sound or electric shock for the startle test;
    6. Powerful software programming capabilities, clearly completing multi-stage, multi-condition experimental design.
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