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Shuttle Box System

Product Name: Shuttle Box System
Product Type: Shuttle Box
Exhibitors: Panlab
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Software and hardware systems for intuitively performing active avoidance and passive avoidance experiments.

Shuttle Box System  Detailed description
Panlab Shuttle Box System 
    The experimental system is used to complete the shuttle experiment of active avoidance and passive avoidance. Passive avoidance only requires the addition of automatic lift door fittings.
The shuttle box controller is connected with electric stimulators and Shutavoid software. It has Panlab's unique hardware visual display and can be used to view the animal's position and lift door status at any time through the LED icon.
The position of the animal is identified by gravity sensing technology and it is more sensitive and accurate than infrared sensing. There is no intermediate error.
    Active avoidance experiments are most relevant to cognitive memory, and the normal mice can acquire conditioned reflex behavior through simple training. Compared to water maze and other experiments that use spatial clues as a memory, the shuttle box uses sound, light, electrical stimulation, and the external environment as the memory content, which greatly shortens the cycle of memory experiments.
Passive avoidance is usually achieved with darkroom, light, automatic lift or high table. In the test, electric shocks and other stimulation methods are used in confrontation with animals' instinctive behaviors to allow animals to show avoidance and withdrawal responses. Passive avoidance is related to cognitive memory and anxiety.

    Shutavoid software implements experimental control and design, completes statistical analysis of data, etc.

Gravity sensing behavior detection technology
    Panlab uses unique gravity sensing technology to detect the location and activity of animals. In the box experiment, gravity sensing technology proved to be an ideal behavior recording technology. Compared with other methods such as infrared, video, etc., it has the characteristics of simple data, simple instrument, high sensitivity, less error, long-term use and stable performance. These are the experience gained in long-term experiment and comparison with other devices!

Panlab Shuttle System Features
    1. Provide different sizes of boxes and shuttle gates for large and small mice;
    2. Accurately record animal activity through sensitive gravity sensing technology:
Compared with other recording methods, the gravity sensing has high sensitivity and stable performance, and the equipment is simple. However, the traditional way of placing sensitive electronic components in the middle may cause misjudgment due to local physical activity; the use of infrared sensor strips is prone to occur. malfunction;
    3. Two independent gravity sensors are used for the two cabinets;
    4. Rich sound, light, electrical stimulators and software control functions;
    5. ShutAvoid software is specially used to flexibly define and design the shuttle box experiment and record and analyze the experimental data. The collected parameters include: the delay time of the condition response, the delay time of the non-condition response, the number of empty reactions, and the number of invalid responses. , the number of effective shuttles in any time period, calculate the average delay time;
    6. Abundant accessories are selected to carry out relevant experiments: automatic lifting doors, white box replacement bags and other accessories;
    7. Transparent skylights are provided on the cabinet to provide more extended functions;
    8. High-performance soundproof box with fan and backlighting.
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