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NeuroLogger Wireless EEG/EMG Recording System

Product Name: NeuroLogger Wireless EEG/EMG Recording System
Product Type: NeuroLogger
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Wireless EEG Analysis System - NeuroLogger is a truly experimental and analytical system that is truly original and able to wirelessly record the brain activity of experimental animals (even mice). The wireless EEG analysis system can be applied to free-activity experimental animals and is suitable for various behavioral models such as epilepsy and sleep disorders.

NeuroLogger Wireless EEG/EMG Recording System  Detailed description

The wireless EEG analysis system -Neurologger can be easily combined with behavioral and metabolic analysis systems, such as with the integrated multifunctional metabolic analysis system - PhenoMaster, or with animal behavior equipment such as elevated maze, cross labyrinth, ore Field, Mouse Smart Cage IntelliCage and other devices are used together. The use process is simple and accurate, just like a mobile hard disk. A Swiss research institute put mice on the Neurologger and carried it to a simulated space to prove that the mouse will not affect data acquisition after installing the device.

General characteristics and usage methods:
• Small size, light weight, and less stress on animals.
• There is no wire winding or transmission frequency interference.
• Complete four-channel EEG recording device.
• The preamplifier and raw data storage device are connected directly to the pre-fixed electrodes through the electrode joints on the animal's head.
• Insert - Record EEG data - Pull out - Download and analyze data.
• Can be recorded in a cage or in a test box under any complicated conditions.
• Ability to record EEG data in multiple animal social environments.
• Wireless synchronization with the trigger signal for later accurate analysis.
• Built-in motion sensor measures the animal's resting or walking state.
• You can add a time signal that matches an external event.
• Sleep state analysis (fast eye or non-rapid eye cycle).
• Screening for sleep disorders and seizures in large sample mice
• Analysis of induced field potentials and event-related field potentials
• Selective attention and hippocampal brain activity
• Can be used for mice, rats, monkeys, dogs and other animals
Technical indicators:
Length: 17mm
Width: 15mm
Height: 5mm
Weight: <2.5g including battery
4-channel EEG signal, 2-channel reference signal, 1 motion channel, 1 event channel
Signal frequency: up to 500Hz
Wireless data collection
92 hours continuous record data (4 channels)

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