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Oxylet system - Physiocage

Product Name: Oxylet system - Physiocage
Product Type: Oxylet
Exhibitors: Panlab
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The Oxylet systeme - Physiocage is a modular system allowing the integration of respiratory metabolism (O2 consumption /CO2 production),food & drink intake, activity and rearing measurements in specif

Oxylet system - Physiocage  Detailed description

Key Features
• Extremely compact “built-in” system
• Same system for rats and mice
• Laser sensor greatly reduces the infl uence of air humidity and temperature on measurements
• Independent air fl ow control in each cage
• Highly accurate and stable monitoring of the food and drink consumption and activity due to the use of newly adapted weight transducer technology
• Autoclavable experimental cages
• New Now possible calorimetry on neonates!
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