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These carefully engineered metabolic cages, manufactured by TECNIPLAST GAZZADA, are designed for simplicity of operation and total part interchangeability and feature a unique funnel/cone design which

BASIC METABOLIC CAGES  Detailed description

• Reliable results of experiments
• Practicality of use
• Flexibility
• Durability
• Space saving

• Upper chamber, made of PC Surface; is smooth, gnawproof, silent. Two models are available:
- for mice and rats up to 300 g, with a surface of 320 cm2 and a height of 14 cm;
- for rats over 300 g, with a surface of 450 cm2 and a height of 18 cm. Surface and height are in compliance
with the current U.S.A.* rules and regulations.

• Feeder chamber, located outside cage. Size discourages rodent from nesting or sleeping inside.
The PC drawer slides out for easy filling without disturbing the animal. Ideal for slurries, liquid or powders. Not designed for food in pellet form.

• Collection funnel and separating cone, unique design and non-wetting PMP ensure immediate, complete separation of faeces and urine.

• Faeces Collection tube, made of non-wetting PMP. Pellets roll down side of funnel to be collected in tube.
Unlocks with single twist from outside of cage, without disturbing animal.

• Urine collection tube, made of non-wetting PMP, graduated, unlocks outside cage without disturbing
animal. Can be cooled with an ice bath.

• Support grid, SS grid lets excreta; pass through the widelyspaced bars; mouse cage includes mouse-sized
grid. Handles permit easy transport of cage without stand.
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