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MetaMorph Microscopy Automation & Image Analysis Software

Product Name: MetaMorph Microscopy Automation & Image Analysis Software
Product Type: MetaMorph
Exhibitors: MD
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the ImageXpress® Micro System together with state-of-the-art MetaXpress® Software provides a fully-automated solution to capture research-quality, widefield images of fixed- or live-cell assays.

MetaMorph Microscopy Automation & Image Analysis Software  Detailed description
  • Fully automated 100 nm resolution voice coil driven stages provide positioning accuracy to capture intricate sub-cellular features as well as monitor long structures, such as neurons, across high resolution tiled or stitched images.  In addition, this robust stage minimizes X-Y stage jitter associated with stepper motors of low resolution stages often viewed during extended live-cell experiments

cell imaging, high content screening, apoptosisWatch Video

Hela Cells Plated on 96-well plates and treated with 100 um Etoposide.  Each well of plate was visited before returning to first well. Watch the 30 hour movie to see an increase in the number of dead and apoptosing cells. Blue = Hoechst for all Nuclei; Red = Propidium Iodide for Dead Cells; Green = Nucview488 a fluorescence substrate for Caspase 3 and an apoptosis sensor.  Overlayed on a phase contrast image. 
  • Industry-leading autofocus option provides fast, reliable focusing with a dedicated 690 nm focus laser and ultra-fast sensors that will not bleach your sample, decreasing read times up to 5-fold
  • Custom design for screening enables capturing 20,000 wells/day in a 384-well microplate assay with two-color, high-resolution images (e.g., Transfluor® beta-arrestin translocation assay).  Lower resolution or single color assays can be performed at close to 50,000 wells / day.
  • Automated 5 position filter cube changer facilitates multiplex assays.  Combined with the automated objective changer, single experiments with up to five filter sets and four objectives can be performed with out user intervention.
  • 300 Watt xenon arc lamp combined with dye-specific filter cubes provides illumination from ultra-violet (Fura-2 calcium imaging) to far red (Cy-5 imaging), enabling a broad range of fluorescent assays where dye selection does not become limiting.


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