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Optical Filter Changer

Product Name: Optical Filter Changer
Product Type: Lambda 10-2
Exhibitors: Sutter
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The Lambda 10-2 is the ideal choice for researchers whose applications are intolerant of electrical noise.

Optical Filter Changer  Detailed description
The Lambda 10-2 is capable of independently operating up to two filter wheels and two Uniblitz shutters. The reliable, smooth operation of the Lambda 10-2 has made it highly suitable for research applications involving fluorescence microscopy, ratio imaging, spectrophotometry, and visual physiology.

F E A T U R E S > L A M B D A 1 0 - 2
55msec between adjacent filters
Parallel and serial interfaces
Simultaneous control of two wheels
Dual integral shutter drivers
Linear power supply
O P T I O N S > L A M B D A 1 0 - 2
Additional wheel
Built-in shutter
Dual wheels mounted in series
Slide-in filter holders
Microscope mounting adaptors
Table-top controller box
Liquid light guide
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