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Whole-Cell / Patch Pipette Perfusion System

Product Name: Whole-Cell / Patch Pipette Perfusion System
Product Type: 2PK+
Exhibitors: ALA
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


The 2PK+ Whole-Cell / Patch Pipette Perfusion Kit from ALA is the original kit for perfusing pipettes during patch clamp recording.

Whole-Cell / Patch Pipette Perfusion System  Detailed description
The 2PK+ is designed to perfuse patch pipettes during single channel recording and to internally perfuse cells during whole-cell recordings. An indispensable tool for pharmacological and second-messenger studies of ion channel function, the 2PK+ is a proven system with a track record of publications in peer-reviewed literature.

Key features of the 2PK+ include:

  • Optional rotating carousel, the MRC-6, for multiple solution exchanges
  • Perfusion pipette holder
  • Pressure and vacuum controller to balance pressure on patch while driving fluid flow
  • Quartz capillary tube provides optimal noise reduction and durability for proximal positioning to pipette tip
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