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Differential AC Amplifier

Product Name: Differential AC Amplifier
Product Type: Model 1700
Exhibitors: A-M Systems
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The Model 1700 Differential AC Amplifier is intended for research or teaching applications requiring extracellular neurophysiological recording from excitable tissue.

Differential AC Amplifier  Detailed description

The Model 1700 contains 4 independent amplifiers plus a power supply in a single enclosure enabling several channels to be recorded simultaneously. Also, combining four amplifiers in a single instrument reduces the construction cost and these savings are passed on to you.

Each amplifier contains a high-gain, low-noise differential stage followed by low-frequency, high frequency, and notch filters. A connection is also provided for a stimulator input so that recording or stimulating through an electrode is possible.
  • Gain selections include x100, x1,000, and x10,000
  • Low noise (1.0 µV peak to peak)
  • High common-mode rejection (> 70 dB at 60 Hz)
  • High line frequency rejection with notch filter (>110 dB at 60 Hz)
  • High input impedance (100,000 MΩ)
  • Low input bias current (3 pA typical; 20 pA maximum)
  • Driven cable shield for reduced capacitance
  • Adjustable low and high frequency filters
  • Notch filter for 50 or 60 Hz interference
  • Power supply may be set for 110 VAC at 60 Hz or 220 VAC at 50 Hz
  • Includes standard 3 year warranty
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