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2-Channel Microelectrode AC Amplifier

Product Name: 2-Channel Microelectrode AC Amplifier
Product Type: Model 1800
Exhibitors: A-M Systems
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


The Model 1800 is a two-channel, differential amplifier designed for two headstage probes and is intended for extracellular recording and/or stimulating.

2-Channel Microelectrode AC Amplifier  Detailed description
Special Features

Mode Selection: This switch allows the user to select one of three Modes for each channel of the amplifier: Impedance Check (IMP), Record (REC), or Stimulate (STIM). During Impedance Check, an internal 1 kHz oscillator automatically applies a calibrated current through the electrode and the amplifier monitors the voltage in order to check impedance.

Capacity: This control is used to neutralize the capacitance during electrode impedance check. In record mode, the instrument amplifies the differential input signal by an amount selected by the Gain switch. In the Stimulate mode, a stimulus is applied directly to the electrode through the Stimulus connector, and the amplifier monitors the current passing throught the electrode.

Gain Selection: In the Record mode, the gain of each amplifier may be independently set by adjusting the Gain switch to x100, x1000, or x10,000.


The headstage for the Model 1800 is small and convenient. It is 0.535 inches (1.395 cm) in diameter and 4 inches (10.2 cm) long. It includes a 0.187 inch (4.7 mm) diameter mounting rod and 5 feet (1.5 m) of Superflex silicone jacketed cable which resists mild alkalis, acids and solvents. It has 0.062 inch female pin connectors to attach to your sensors.


Includes standard 3 year warranty.
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