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Oocyte Clamp

Product Name: Oocyte Clamp
Product Type: OC-725C
Exhibitors: Warner
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


The OC-725C combines high AC and DC gains and a voltage compliance of ±180 volts to insure fast, non-saturating clamp performance under nearly any condition.

Oocyte Clamp  Detailed description
The OC-725C Oocyte Clamp is designed for two-electrode, whole-cell voltage clamping of Xenopus oocytes.
  • High compliance voltage (±180 V)
  • Unique bath clamp circuitry
  • Ideal for clamping large cells and cell structures
    e.g. squid axons
  • Extended current measuring range
  • Decreased noise level and 4-pole Bessel filter
  • An internal switch permits measurements of the current in series with the current electrode instead of in the bath
  • Optional differential voltage headstages

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