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2-Channel Nitric Oxide Measurement System

Product Name: 2-Channel Nitric Oxide Measurement System
Product Type: The ‘inNO-T’ system
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2-Channel Nitric Oxide Measurement System

2-Channel Nitric Oxide Measurement System  Detailed description

• NEW Dual Channel System
• Uses ‘amiNO’ sensors which are up to 100 times more sensitive than others on the market today
• inNO-T system is the first available NO system to have temperature compensation
• inNO-T system virtually eliminates base line drift due to temperature changes
• Combination NO meter and data acquisition system
• Battery-powered benchtop/portable system (5 year battery life)
• 24 bit A/D converter for the widest dynamic range (16,000,000 to 1)
• User friendly recording, playback and analysis
• Software compatible with Windows™ 95/98, 2000 and NT
• Continuous recordings (over 1 month)
• System shipped complete with NO meter, software, 2 types of NO sensors, and calibration kit
• Auto zero
• Computer chart recorder
• RS-232 interface
• Digital filter
• Menu driven commands

The ‘inNO-T’ system is the most technologically advanced nitric oxide electrochemical detection system on the market today. It combines a nitric oxide configured potentiostat and a sophisticated software controlled data acquisition system in one compact battery powered unit. When used with the ‘amiNO’ series of NO sensors, this unit provides an NO detection sensitivity increase of up to 100 times that of any other electrochemical detection system on the market today. Its state of the art battery powered design allows the unit to run continuously for up to 5 years, making it ideal for any electrically isolated and/or portable application.
The ‘inNO-T’ system is the first available nitric oxide system to include temperature compensation which further enhances the detection limits and data reliability by virtually eliminating baseline drift caused by temperature changes. A temperature probe is supplied with each system. Its internal 24 bit analog to digital converter and built in digital notch filtering allows for accurate, noise free, detection of Nitric Oxide levels of less than 0.01 nM. The 24 bit A/D technology also gives the unit a dynamic range in excess of 16,000,000 to 1. Its sophisticated control and analysis software can be linked to any computer system that utilizes Windows™ 95/98, 2000 or NT via the ‘inNO’s’ internal RS-232 interface.

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